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Collaboration and teamwork make an important contribution to business success as workers become more and more specialized. Multi-party conferencing is an essential work tool for today’s businesses. Efficient and productive meetings allow faster decision-making, greater productivity and competitiveness. General requirements for audio conferencing include:

  • High voice quality and clarity;
  • Full phone features;
  • Flexibility

Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution and Benefits:

Yealink introduced in 2015 its Audio Conferencing Solution with the pairing of the Diamond IP conference phone CP860 and the CPE80 Expansion Model for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Combining original design and industry-unique features, the pairing increases meeting productivity through exceptional voice communications.

Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution allows for 360-degree surround sound pick-up in a five-meter range via three built-in microphone matrixes. The solution is suitable for small to medium-sized meeting rooms of up to sixty square meters. Full duplex technology, auto-echo cancellation and reverb elimination make conference calls as natural as being in the same room.

Other features of the Yealink Audio Conferencing Solution provide added value and convenience. With easy USB recording, the CP860 helps users to review a call or share important conferencing moments. Five-party conferencing helps to enhance communications and reduce facility costs. A 3.55mm jack port for connecting mobile phones or a PC allows more flexibility in usage.

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